07 January, 2014

One liter forward, two liters back

Today was vinyasa with Carley.

It was 90 minutes, but it could have been 3 hours. Another very crowded class, one would presume due to the resolutions of the new year. So humid, and so difficult, I have muddled through, even with floating (if not flying) colors. Did a few headstands before class, and had a couple of good wheel poses during class. But man, I lost a lot of fluids. The yoga towel was so wet that downward dog was difficult to do because of loss of traction with the towel.

The bigger issue is that I keep getting so dehydrated that I am operating at a place of constant catch-up. After Sunday's class, I wound up with a headache at bedtime, even though I'd had 5-6 glasses of water. Yesterday's home yoga was supposed to be giving myself recovery time. But today has put me right back into the deficit again.

What can I do? Stop doing hot yoga? It amazes me that I sweat so much more than ~90% of people in classes with me. And that's no exaggeration. It may even be a conservative estimate.

As for life... feeling pretty good. And good ain't bad.

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