02 January, 2014

On the easy side of change

Today was vinyasa with Brittney Hiller on hitPLAYyoga.

Today there were some changes announced at work. For some, those changes brought anxiety. For others, disappointment. For me, although I am just as much in the path of the news, there was little to feel. It doesn't really make a difference. I will be okay with whatever is. I could choose to get caught up in some drama about possibilities, but why bother? If I had more attachment to where I am "supposed to be" or what I am "supposed to become" then maybe I would be distressed. But I am okay with where I am, and small changes around me do not affect that.

The class was not bad though the cadence fell more in the category of "listing off the poses" than "guiding with the pace of breath." I have come to hope that my teachers do the latter because then I know they are thinking about what they see rather than only what they are going to say next. In spite of that, I still enjoyed it.

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