20 January, 2014

Not what I planned but just as good

Today was vinyasa home practice with Katie Brauer on hitPLAYyoga.

Well, I'd hoped to take Jaime's class today, but I misread the schedule on their mobile app, and thought it was a yoga class when, in fact, it was a yoga plus cycle, which is not gonna happen for me. So I stayed home and did an online class with a new instructor.

I can highly recommend this teacher. She had good cadence, was very deliberate, appropriately sparse with her words, and (important to me) she didn't have music in the class. The sequence was not very different from Baptiste, though the order of poses was shifted around a bit, with Triangle coming quite early in the class. I was in a reasonably good concentration mode this evening, after having taken a nice long walk on a sunny day.

Have not mentioned lately, but I am adding in the notes here so that I can refer to it later, but my right heel has been continuing to be a problem. It's back to feeling about the worst it has felt. I am referring to the sensation of there being some type of bone chip in the ankle joint (which was supported by an X-Ray that said I had a bone chip in the ankle). There are times where it gets almost better, but never entirely, and right now, I am finding that some poses, especially Warrior I, are posing a difficulty.

Hanging in there.

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