21 January, 2014

New tricks

Today was vinyasa with Jackie Elliott at Be Luminous.

I hadn't been to the 4pm Tuesday timeslot since Elizabeth vacated it. In a way, it just didn't feel like something I wanted to do. True, it has been impractical for me to go that early on Tuesdays because of the new work location. But I also hadn't attended on Sunday at noon, which was Elizabeth's other slot. When I think of Gentle Yoga, there has been that association with Elizabeth's teaching. The class isn't called "Gentle Yoga" anymore. Now it's called "Slow Flow," which is the same thing, in theory. But the practice was different.

Jackie's class was good. I felt myself wanting to show off a little bit, which was hard to resist, and I am not sure why it happened. Maybe because it was a new class for me, and because it was a group of people who are not typically in the "Power" classes. I didn't show off. But I felt myself wanting to. And it's not even like I have anything to show off! Seriously! But I guess there was some ego happening for whatever reason. Maybe it's just a resentment that the class isn't Elizabeth... not a lot to say about that. I could go to The White Studio and take Elizabeth's class, and I also have not done that. I tell myself it's because I don't want to be paying per-class fees at 4 different studios when I have an annual membership at Be Luminous. But I don't know.

The best thing about today's class was that I learned two new poses:

When we did pigeon pose, she had us do the "thread the needle" with the left arm, and then the right arm, on both sides. Doing the thread to the left and the right (for left pigeon, and then again for right pigeon) did really neat things for getting deeper into the hip stretch. Even though it might be called out as being a chest or shoulder opener, the big advantage of that variation was finding a couple of slightly different angles the deepen the pigeon pose.

Near the end of class, we did a Child's Pose, where she then had us clasp our hands in front of us on the floor, and then bend the elbows so the clasped hands are behind the head, and go deeper into the Child's Pose. This ends up being a really good triceps stretch.

It was a good class. I will give equal consideration to going to her Sunday classes too, since having a gentle(r) day in the week is a good thing.

Still wish that Elizabeth didn't leave Be Luminous...

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