30 January, 2014

Morning movement

Today was solo vinyasa in the hotel room.

I decided to leave the yoga to the morning, rather than do it last night. It’s one of those deals with the devil. After work, we went to dinner, and I didn’t feel much like doing yoga at 8pm when I got home. It might have been a better idea, in hindsight, but there was more of a desire to lounge. Yesterday was to be “the day off.” So that left me with morning practice. I did about 40 minutes, and it was hard to get moving. It began at 7am and my body just doesn’t really want to move and bend and fold in the morning. In any case, it was not a bad practice. A little more focused than the short practice of the other day. And I would likely have done a full hour if it were not for the fact that I needed to be ready and showered and checked out of the hotel by 8am.

Sometimes it feels a bit lonely. But that perhaps I will discuss later.

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