12 January, 2014

Making the non-automatic choice

Today was vinyasa home practice.

I had planned on going to Jaime's class this morning at 9am. I was very much looking forward to it, since I am not in Boston very often, and I like to take class from both Bill and Jaime when I am here. It was a done deal. But last night, for whatever reason, I was unable to fall asleep. It probably was a combination of jet lag and having too much caffeine. I went to bed at midnight, and didn't fall asleep until after 2:30am. And as I was restless in bed, angry about the lack of sleep, and angry about how uncomfortable the bed is, I kept thinking "How am I going to do yoga tomorrow?! And how am I going to feel later in the day when I am supposed to visit friends?" But the idea of skipping that class was simply not an option.

When the alarm rang at 8:15am for the class, I did wake up. And I did not shut off the alarm absentmindedly, and "miss the class" due to a lack of discipline, or laziness, or whatever sort of negative trait one might attach to such an action. I lay there in the bed and had a rational discussion with myself. I recognized that it was not "listening to my body" if I were to go and do a 90 minute class, in the heat, when I only had 5.5 hours of sleep. The whole point of the practice is to learn to listen to our bodies. And if my body was telling me that I needed to rest, then the right thing to do - the gentle thing to do - is to sleep more, and practice later.

So that's what I did. And it was a good day.

I tend to be very hard on myself, and often my lack of productivity in the ways I would like to be more productive is tied to spending more time beating myself up than actually doing the thing I want to be doing.

The practice was a straight Baptiste sequence, self-guided, 57 minutes including Savasana. I was quite focused, and really did an honest practice, even though I started at 10:45pm (which, unfortunately, feels like early-evening for me, with the time shift).

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