20 January, 2014

Low energy

Today was vinyasa with Ara Gibson.

Another day of feeling low energy. My head wasn't really in the game, and Ara's soundtrack drove me bonkers. But, you know, someone after class walked up to her and said "I loved your playlist!" So it is definitely the case that everyone has their preferences. Probably around the 1 hour mark, I started petering out. I think it was when she wanted us to do handstand preps from a dolphin pose, and I was like "Nuh uh... time for something down, down, down in energy."

It's okay. That was today. And tomorrow will be different. In fact, that was yesterday, and today will be different, since I am writing this entry the morning after. Because I am home for the holiday today (waiting for the cable guy to install new broadband internet for reasons that I could write an entire separate blog entry about, and might), I may decide to do yoga locally at Live, Love, Flow for a second day and take Jaime's class. I haven't taken her class in months, and it would be nice. I would love to have my energy be back up again. But will it be? I don't know. Can I will it to be? Is it possible to say "Today is going to be a strong day?" and then show up, be strong, feel energized, and have a fantastic experience?

There's an experiment.

I have been feeling lazy lately. Not really wanting to work on my hobbies so much (that being music), and not really wanting to do any of my little projects (like photo archiving, though the high-speed internets was supposed to help me with uploading these photos). I am trying to be okay with where I am at. If I feel lazy and need rest, just take it. But there's a tendency to beat myself up over it.

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