05 January, 2014

Live, Love, Overflow

Sunday was vinyasa with Alice.

I had forgotten that yesterday was the first weekend of "New Year's Resolutions." As such, there were 50 people in a class that usually has 30 or fewer. The consequence was extreme humidity. And I swear, Alice went a little harder on us than usual. Perhaps it was to give people that fire and motivation of feeling like they're getting a hard workout. But it was rather unrelenting. Due to the crowdedness, we did not do any of the typical Mandala sequences she often includes, but there was a lot of intense yoga, and a whole lot of Utketasana. More than to my liking, but still, I enjoy that class.

I had a weird day with off energy. All I felt like doing was lying on the couch and watching Netflix (which is exactly what I did after yoga, save for a brief stop to have dinner with a friend and a drink with a few friends, which I guess is a lot more than nothing). I'd been feeling lonely for whatever reason. Things have been on the whole good lately, but this one day seemed to be off.

Oddly enough, I have been told, in the past few days, that I seem "happier than I have seemed in a long time" and that I seemed "unhappy lately." It is intriguing to me that I create both impressions in people. The person who said I seem happy is someone I see every day, and perhaps they are unhappy? The person who said I seem unhappy is someone I see less frequently. Perhaps when I see this person, I dial up my negative energy? Not really sure, but I thought it was interesting.

What am I? Am I happier than usual? Or less happy than usual? Yesterday, I think I felt a tiny bit less happy than usual. But today I feel happier than usual.

I guess it all averages out.

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