01 January, 2014


Last night, while waiting for it to be midnight, I had the spontaneous impulse to do a headstand in the corner of the TV room, up against a wall. As you know, this is not something I am typically wont to do, and I have expounded upon all the reasons why I should not have to strive toward doing such things. Nonetheless, there I found myself, in the corner, upside-down. And it was fine. And I wasn't scared. And I didn't think "I am sure glad I didn't hurt myself! Better not do that again!" Instead, I found myself going up a few times. I pondered a handstand, but the mechanics of doing it with my back to the wall do not actually seem to be within my skills yet, so I did the belly-to-the-wall, walk the feet up version of handstand, and hung out there for a little bit too. Then, this evening, I did some more headstands, this time up against a door, instead of in the security of a corner. And I decided, from there, perhaps I would try a basket headstand, instead of the tripod version I'd been doing before. And sure enough, I could do that one too. I tried to get my feet off the wall in basket headstand, and found it was not easy for me to identify the balance point. But now I have learned something, which is that tripod is much easier than basket. That's something I could not have known before today. So I went back to tripod and sought to bring my feet off the wall, and found that, in fact, I could. So there I was, in a wall-free headstand. Something new.

And the year has only just begun.

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