10 January, 2014

Hatha on the other coast

Today was home Hatha practice in my bedroom.

Sans mat. I do have my mat with me, and plan to attend class in studio tomorrow and at least one other day, if not all other days. But Hatha seems quite doable on a carpeted bedroom with no additional mat. Even though I started the practice at 10:30pm Boston time, I felt quite focused, and did a very respectable full hour of poses, with decent focus, and very good attention to breath throughout. I knew that I had “set myself up” for doing practice tonight, having taken Wednesday off, since my body was just beat from Carley’s class the night before. I don’t really like to take a day off after only one day on, because that feels like “falling out of the routine” though I know that’s a bit of an extreme rule to live by. Nonetheless, the core of discipline, I think, is to stick to it whenever possible, and it is almost always possible.

Today I am back at my father’s again. It is always surprising to me the things that he will say or do, or the things that are going on in his world each time I come home. Some of it is just so bizarre that I almost get hooked into a debate because it’s irresistible. But it’s becoming slightly more interesting to not just to into reaction and, instead, ask myself why I feel the way I do, and take an interest in what he’s doing, rather than dismiss it as crazy. The latest thing is that he decided to buy some ridiculous blanket bar that you put under the sheets to keep the blanket from being tight over your feet if you sleep on your back. Apparently the blankets on his feet bother him. And there’s of course some bizarre medical apparatus that he found in some surgical supplies store that he bought for like $25 to put in the bed and I guess this will make sleeping more comfy? Though it is just crazy. He’s not a medical patient. I don’t get it. And my inclination is to want to go at him and just harp on it, and ridicule it. But I did not. 

Maybe that’s what the yoga is good for?

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