03 January, 2014

Finding ease

Today was vinyasa with Megan Howe on hitPLAYyoga.

It is Friday. Although a lot of people are still out of work because of the holidays, it is starting to feel a little closer to normal. I am almost done with what I had said I wanted to finish this week. And I have done a good job. Though I have been beating myself up for not being *as productive as I would like to be* I recognize that I am reasonably productive. And the ways in which I am not are usually because of the conscious choice of "ease" over "effort" and I guess that's not a bad thing.

This was first time taking class with Megan Howe. She sounds a little young, and her flow was a little fast, but it was still a decent class with good energy and a good sequence. She threw in a few of the affirmations of Baptiste in slightly awkward fashion, but hey, that's okay too.

I am doing the headstand at the end of class when an inversion is offered (using the wall, but then trying to balance off the wall). There's something invigorating about that inversion, and it makes Savasana that much sweeter. But you didn't hear that from me.

I feel optimistic about 2014. Not sure why. Maybe something about the number 13 no longer being part of the equation. Thirteen is not only odd, but it is prime and unlucky. Fourteen has a different ring to it. It's 2 x 7, and 7 is a lucky number (and my favorite). It's even, and it's got a gentler feel to it. I am being ridiculous right now.

Today a good friend pointed out that I have seemed much happier, and looked happier and less tired the last however-many months. It was an out-of-the-blue compliment, and took me by surprise. I am not sure if her assessment of "Why?" was accurate, but it doesn't really matter. It is nice to be perceived as such. Even though I have had my own doldrums the past month or two, on the whole, I am doing well.

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