18 December, 2013

Yoga as a Hail Mary

Today was vinyasa with Alice.

I had planned on doing yoga at home. But I was having a hard time today. Head stuck in a bad place, and trying not to go to that old place of reactivity. Instead of just getting on the mat and letting go, I sat there in my room, ruminating, and barely hanging on by a thread from going into those places I try never to go. As time elapsed, I realized it was getting closer and closer to 8:30pm, the time at which Alice's class happens right down the street. I decided that I may as well go there and surrender myself to the heat, and to another person's words, and hope for the best.

It was a very good practice. Though my mind did slide off to the thoughts from before a few times, the class was definitely the right thing to do, and it took me from the brink back to a place where I was able to aim for what I really wanted, which was to feel better.

Alice has a consistency to her style, and a quiet delivery that I found incredibly grounding. Even though her classes are often quite difficult, the tone is so relaxing and, Live Love Flow, with their dim lighting and black ceilings, is a very calming environment.

Yoga is always there for us. We just have to choose it.

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