23 December, 2013


Today was noon vinyasa with Michel.

It has been such a long time since I have had the opportunity to take a noon class (read: 60 minutes) with Michel, and I was very excited to have that opportunity today, being that it's a holiday week.

I don't know what to say about today's class other than that it was incredibly inspiring and joyful throughout. Michel is an amazing teacher. After class, in somewhat silly fashion, I walked up to her and told her it was the best class I'd ever taken, which might have embarrassed her a bit, I don't know. And her response was that she was glad that I had that experience today. The thing is, I showed up today knowing that it would be a great class, and that may be part of the reason why it was so great. She asked us to do a lot of things today that were challenging. We did four Camel poses. On a different day, I might have been very disgruntled about this. But not today.

Michel talked about how we can choose between whether we will suffer by resisting what is happening in our lives, or just find the freedom in accepting it. And I guess that message was working for me today.

What do I want for the next year? What do I want for all years to come?

I don't know what my life will contain, but I would like to show up for it from a place of positive energy. That doesn't mean "Saying Yes" to everything. And it doesn't mean "Smiles All The Time." But, for me, I think it means that the proverbial "mat" to which I will keep returning myself will a mat of positive outlook. At least show up on the mat (and in life) each day ready for good things to come out of whatever is in front of me. I am not saying, even, that I will expect the good things. Only that I will be open to the possibility that good may come. Too many days are started with dread or anxiety.

Remind me about this promise...

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