28 December, 2013

Focused on the mat... but nowhere else

Today was vinyasa with Carley.

What a pleasure to have an unexpected substitute. I try to make it over for Elizabeth's Friday class whenever possible, which is now rare.

At the start of class, following Elizabeth's approach, Carley asked us all a question: what was the best gift we gave this year? I was surprised that most people's favorite were things like time, cooking, service... It made me feel a little materialistic for having my favorite actually be an object. I may have been the only one. Maybe that's a yoga crowd for you.

Class was good. Difficult but good. My focus on the mat has been decent lately. But I have been scattered at work. All over the place. Maybe I am being hard on myself. It is the holidays. But I feel like I don't stay on task for more than a few moments before wandering to something more compelling, whatever it may be.

On the news today I heard about a phenomenon called "highly superior autobiographical memory." People can't forget anything including things from childhood. It is all as vivid as if it just happened. It made me sad. Imagine. How can one possibly let go if anything if one can never forget with perfect recollection... Sounds painful.

Fortunately I do no suffer from this. If it were not for writing so much down, I might forget everything!

Well... Not really...

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