05 December, 2013

Every emotion you've every felt... on your mat

Today was Vinyasa with Diana Hudson on hitPLAYyoga.

I waited until midnight to do the yoga, because I got together with an old friend this evening in Munich. It's a friend of mine from UW days. I visited her in Germany the first time I ever came here, and I have always had very fond memories of her. She's inspiring, a good person through and through. So we went to dinner, had a couple of drinks, caught up on all the news, and talked about all kinds of random things, including this new idea that maybe I want to move to Munich.

Yoga was left until midnight, but that was okay because I felt awake, inspired, energized by the time together. And it was a great class. Classic Baptiste at a good pace, with a good message. At one point in the class, the teacher said that we should be aware of all the emotions that come up, and just experience them, and recognize them. And, if we stay on our mats long enough, we will experience every one of the emotions we've ever felt in our lives. She's right.

Today was a decidedly good day. The tide shifted. And it was because I had a big presentation at work, and it went very well. Finally, I felt like I matter, and like I am appreciated, and that what I am doing is providing value. That's all it takes for me to feel good.

I think the challenge for me is to consider the possibility that I am always appreciated, and I always matter, and I am always providing value, and that it is merely my perception and my inner critic that creates this story of something otherwise.

At any rate, better is good.

And now it's time for another midnight class.

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