14 December, 2013

Didn't want to do it... but I did anyway

Today was vinyasa with Aylin Aydin on hitPLAYyoga.

I really didn't want to do yoga today. Woke up with my back muscles feeling really sore, and just decided straightaway that today would be no yoga. But as the day wore on, I noticed, indirectly, that my low back was not really hurting anymore. I still didn't want to do yoga. But, after having that argument with myself briefly, I decided there was no good reason not to do it, and plenty of good reasons to do it.

This was my first time with this teacher. It's a decent class. Pretty decent message, and good flow. She did forget Side Plank on the left side (I honestly don't know how the teachers who are posting their classes online don't make sure that the one they've posted is "perfect" - but that's the perfectionist in me talking).

Not a whole lot to say today. Now that the yoga is done, I am glad I did it.

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