31 December, 2013

Closing out the year

Today was Hatha with Gary at Ripple Yoga.

I had come for Cassandra's class but, due to the holidays, Gary had given her the night off, so it was Gary instead. And me. And nobody else. This is probably the first time I have taken a class where I was the only student in it. Under some circumstances, this could have been a very unique experience of having a "private class," But Gary's a new instructor, so we did stick pretty much to a standard class that he might have taught to a normal attendance, save for a few bits of conversation that would normally not happen when others are present.

The Hatha sequence was quite similar to what is taught at UYS, where Gary trained, with a few exceptions such as Crescent Lunge and Standing Splits being thrown in.

I had phenomenal difficulty balancing in the studio, which Gary noted may be due to lack of "Drishti" points on the walls of the newly painted studio, and a rather homogeneous coloration to the room. It might also be some unevenness on the floors, but I really could not tell for sure.

It was the last class of 2013.

This was a year that took me to studios in Boston, Detroit, San Francisco, Mountain View, Hawaii. I did yoga in such faraway places as Bangkok, London, and Munich. I had 204 blog entries this year, but I wasn't writing during the first 4 months of the year. It's probably a good estimate that I did at least 280 classes in 2013. Not quite the same clip as 2012, but there was no 108-day challenge this year, and I made a conscious move to give myself at least a little more rest than last year. As a result, I think I managed to avoid injury a little bit better than I did last year.

That's something.

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