26 December, 2013

All that is Gold does not glitter

I feel really badly saying this, because of the whole adage of "If you don't have anything nice to say..." but I really just can't help myself, so I will try to keep it as positive as I can.

I am not a fan of Steve Gold.

The blame may not reside solely in Mr. Gold's court, in that I think the major problem here is that so many yoga studios default to his music as the repeat backdrop for class, pre-class, post-class, you name it. that I have become totally burnt out on it. I have heard "So Much Magnificence" so many times, I don't think I am capable any longer of perceiving any magnificence should I actually find myself by the ocean, because I will only be able to think of his song.

Sure, it's a great thing that he's a non-Indian acoustic pop artist, and he has made a successful "career" recording and performing Eastern-themed songs. Sure. Great. We get it. But I feel (personally, and not humbly) that it is just as valid, dare I say, more valid, to play Eastern-themed music by people who are actually from the East. Even Krishna Das, who has been criticized by some for not being "East enough" is coming from a more authentic place.

The overplaying is probably at the heart of it for me.

Perhaps there is value in making Eastern themes accessible to the Dave Matthews-washed masses. Perhaps I stand alone in my harboring of silent rage toward the repetitiveness of such lyrics as "Let Your Heart Be Known." Perhaps we really did need to hear a dude from So Cal singing such traditional songs as "Om Namah Shivaya" or "Baba Hanuman."

Alternatively, perhaps this is just another good opportunity for me to practice relaxing with what is, and letting go of that which I cannot control. Because something tells me Steve Gold ain't going away from a yoga studio near me (or you) anytime soon.

Namaste :)

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