19 November, 2013

Today, my own class

Today was vinyasa home practice.

It’s been a long time since I have done a vinyasa class, self-guided. No studio. No video. No podcast. It’s not that difficult to come up with something on the fly. The Baptiste framework makes it pretty easy to “rough in” the basic structure. The Sun A. The Sun B. Then you need to find some way to work the Side Angles in there. And some Crescent Lunges. And some twists. Some triangle. Some standing poses. There are things that are sometimes in the sequence. There are things that are almost always in the sequence. And the relative ordering of poses follows some general guidelines, with a lot of leeway. You know that, in an hour class, there will be a tradeoff between things like Half Moon, Revolving Triangle, Twisted Chair (all skipped), versus Eagle, Dancer, Tree (all included). It’s kind of like improvising in music. There’s basic song structure, but then lots of different ways you can go with it.

One thing I find is that I am quite honest about giving it a good hard workout when I guide my own class at home, whereas I might waver depending on mood if I am doing a video or podcast at home (or perhaps even in a studio). If you ditch on a teacher’s commands, then there’s that mindset of being defiant. I am refusing to do what they told me to do because I don’t want to do it. It becomes oppositional. But if you ditch on a solo practice, all you are doing is being dishonest with yourself. There’s nobody to defy. Nobody to oppose. What does it mean to say to myself “Crescent Lunge…” and then decide not to put my arms up? Who am I fooling? It is true that I didn’t do a handful of poses that I don’t like, but that was today. If I did the solo practice every day, I would come around to putting those poses in, because, again, who am I kidding?

There’s a satisfaction in crafting my own sequence.

I wonder if there’s a metaphor for that in my life.

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