21 November, 2013

Time to Hit Play (Yoga)

Today was hour of power vinyasa with Laura Calcaterra on hitPLAYyoga.

Been thinking about giving this subscription service a try for a while, and decided to take the plunge today. Ali Kamenova's free YouTube videos have been great, but I am interested in having more variety available to me for home practice, and hitPLAYyoga has classes from at least 50 instructors from at least 30 studios. Can't really beat that.

I started off with Laura Calcaterra's 'Be With' Power Hour. She's a classic Baptiste-style teacher, and she got a lot done in an hour, at a good pace, with very little downtime between poses. Decent message, and enough inspirational words at the right parts of class to give that little extra.

Today, and for the past many days, I have been feeling easily triggered emotionally. Seems like just about anything could cause tears to come. Example: I was listening to a bit on NPR about how some doctors at Harvard just published a study saying that nuts make you live longer, with less incidence of life-shortening disease. And, somehow, this makes me cry... in the car... on I-5... driving home from the airport after a 2-day trip to San Francisco. Now, I'm sure it's not nuts that are making me cry. Just like I am sure it's not the fact that tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination (though, that made me cry too, when I heard about it on the news). And sitting in traffic, seeing the thousands of cars lined up in the darkness, there is just this overwhelming sensation of "What does it all mean?" Being down in San Francisco, and seeing a friend of mine, and walking around neighborhoods that still feel fresh and new to me, I wonder to myself, "How long can I just keep doing the same old things?"

I don't know what I am meant to do. And I know that it is okay. And I know that it takes patience. But sometimes I wonder if what I am doing while I am on that path is good enough. Above all else, I really want to believe that I am providing value to someone... to something. And sometimes I wonder.

The practice today felt perfectly strong, and pain-free. It was not very difficult, but I was also rested after a day off, and a few days away from hot studios.

Tomorrow, it's back to Be Luminous. Looking forward to it.

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