08 November, 2013

The Yoga Tree

Today was Hatha with Lindsay Loeffler at The Yoga Tree in Fremont.

I signed up for some sort of class pack way back in July when I first joined Google, because I was concerned that I would not be able to keep doing yoga every day, now that I am working in Fremont. Fortunately, I signed up for a package that had no expiration date, because it has turned out that I can do yoga just fine at all of my usual places. But today, the schedule was such that it just seemed like a good idea to give this a try, since they had a noon class and it is just up the street.

Yoga Tree is not a heated studio, which has the added advantage of making it feel like a "gentle day" in comparison to the practices at other studios. There were only 7 students in class, and it was a bright, mellow studio. The Hatha practice felt a lot closer to Ashtanga, than to the Bikram-esque Hatha that is done at Urban Yoga Spa. In fact, now that I have taken Hatha at 3 or 4 different studios, I would say that UYS is the outlier in their Hatha style, not the norm. But it still has its place, and when you want a Bikram-esque class without quite the formality, it is an excellent choice.

Lindsay smiled the entire class.

My back hurt the entire class. I think I've just done a lot of hard work this week on the yoga mat.

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