04 November, 2013

More taking it day by day

Today was vinyasa online with Ali Kamenova.

I really never know what's coming. And it's really best to never start to expect trends to continue. Hurting for days, and didn't even really want to do yoga today, but I found that I was able to focus and have a good "class" even with all of the challenges: hurting, typically have hard time focusing at home, getting ready to go to airport tonight... these "should" have all been impediments to a good practice, but that wasn't the case. Who knows why, really? Why is one day different from another?

This is a pretty good class, this one. I am still liking Ali's classes, probably because she doesn't get too crazy, and she doesn't go too fast or too slow. There is challenge, and I can find internal heat without even being in a hot yoga studio, when taking her class. I am also just in awe of the generosity she has for posting so many free videos online. She could (and perhaps will) make a site someday where she gets paid for access to these. But for now, namaste.

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