25 November, 2013

Gratitude and sweat

Today was vinyasa with Michel.

Her class always has a very essential and magical feel to it. The only reason why I don't find myself there far more often is that I am a baby when it comes to enduring the difficult 90 minute class. At the start of class, she asked us to introduce ourselves to someone and tell them about a person for whom we are grateful. For whatever reason, I had just been thinking about my mother. Not sure why. She's not around anymore. It's been five years. I guess Thanksgiving is a holiday that I will always associate with my mom. Her famous(ly) unhealthy stuffing recipe (consisting of Ritz Crackers, Campbell's chicken with rice soup, chopped onions), the sound of the electric knife cutting the turkey, her Mrs. Constanza-like ability to emote, and the always-too-much food (yes, a potato dish, and a rice dish, and a cake, and a pie, and ice cream, of course).

Class was difficult, of course, but I am finding myself in a new phase where the only resistance that I am experiencing (when there is resistance) is not *wanting* to do something, versus feeling pain and heaviness like I had been feeling earlier this month.

That's a good thing.

The person who introduce herself to me said that she was grateful for her boyfriend and that he has been tolerating her lately while she's been "a brat." I kind of liked that sincerity. It's nice to think about people being aware of when they're being difficult, and then acknowledging it to a complete stranger.

That's what happens in yoga.

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