30 November, 2013

Gentle class before a long flight

Today was gentle yoga with Jamie Pearsen on hitPLAYyoga.

I made a choice last night to stay awake until nearly 2am watching the end of a Netflix series (Continuum). My rationale was that I would be so messed up from the 9 hour time difference flying to Munich today that it would not really make a difference. But this meant that I woke up uncertain about what my yoga plan would be. I could not really drag myself to an 8am class, because I was too tired. Then, I wasn't even entirely sure I had the time or energy to practice at home.

The choice was to find what I thought would be either a restorative or yin type of class on HPY and just get a really good stretch. It turns out that the class I chose, though designated as a restorative class, was mostly just a slow vinyasa flow, without any particularly restorative elements. It was a 45 minute class. Despite the fact that I didn't really want to do Sun Salutations or Triangle poses, I went ahead and did what she said anyway, figuring that today was a bonus day.

With packing for my trip still a remaining task, my mind was a little bit distracted. So I did the best I could. Sunday will probably be a day off, since I will be very tired from not sleeping at all on the flight (I never do).

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