28 November, 2013

Cactus arms

Today was vinyasa with Jenny Noonan on hitPLAYyoga.

Being Thanksgiving day, I decided to look for a challenging class to earn those extra turkey calories. It turns out, I didn't overeat. But still glad I pushed a bit today. The theme in the class was cactus arms. Every pose. Warrior. Chair. Triangle. You name it. And we did it. The reason was to teach us what it feels like to really lay the shoulder blades down flat. And it worked.

The flow started very vigorously, and I was sweating almost as much as in a heated room. But it was good. My mind was reasonably quiet and I am trying to relax with what is... recognizing that everything that is is pretty great.

I'll be in Munich for a week starting Saturday. And the mat comes with me. Maybe I will seek out a studio as a sort of field trip. But I will be on the mat no matter how or where.

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