29 November, 2013

A day of transitions

Today was vinyasa with Pam.

I haven't seen Pam for a long time - probably close to two years, from when she taught at UYS. I remembered her as being spiritual and calming, while simultaneously very challenging, and occasionally a bit unpredictable in her sequences. That held true to form today.

Near the start of class, Pam mentioned about how we should pay very close attention the transitions between poses, and also to pay attention to these transitions in our lives off the mat. This was not something new to me, but it landed on me particularly strongly today.

Later in the evening, I met a friend of mine whose background is in architecture. He was talking about how the greatest architecture is not necessarily known for the spaces it creates, but for the transitions connecting spaces to one another.

I found it interesting that this topic of transitions arose twice for me today, in seemingly unrelated ways. But they are more connected than they seem. It's really the same message. A transition is greater than a single pose or space because it needs to fluidly tie together things that are often quite different from one another. A poor transition looks bad, feels bad, and does not inspire. A graceful transition calls even greater attention to the individual components, but also gives the observer some insight into the intentions of the creator. When you observe grace in a transition, you know that the practitioner has taken these things into consideration.

I don't know how, exactly, this fits into my life right now. But I suspect that either it has, it does, or it will one day.


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