20 October, 2013

Starting to feel recommitted

Today was vinyasa with Ara Gibson at Live Love Flow.

Another new instructor for me. She must be relatively new to the studio, and she was subbing for my usual Sunday evening with Alice, of late.

I am recognizing that I am starting to come out of the dragging my feet through the mud phase of the practice. There is more enthusiasm. I am also finding it easier to write again. I really don't know why it was that I felt "in the muck" for weeks and weeks. Not sure if it was work, or emotional, or physical, or what. I am not even sure it is necessary that I figure it out. Only that I recognize its passing. It's one of the interesting things about getting on a mat and checking in (nearly) every day. You notice the shifts from one day to the next. As I heard in class recently, "Every day is a new day on the mat." And so it goes in life as well. If we were to lock ourselves into the expectations of past experience, it would be really hard to ever escape a rut. There lies the essential nature of practice.

Ara's a good teacher. Good pace. Good flow. Another class I can recommend. She seemed very "Baptiste" in nature. I am on a Baptiste gung-ho phase right now, for whatever reason. Funny how things go in these cycles. I remember, months ago, when I was starting to cop an attitude about it.

It's funny how these things happen.

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