15 October, 2013

Returning from a long break

Yesterday was vinyasa with Philip Urso via iTunes podcast.

For the first time in I don't know how long, I took a lot of days off consecutively. I was sick, and missed a couple of days. Then I went away, and chose not to practice during those days away. I brought my mat with me, and I could have done it, but just decided that this would be a vacation from all routine. I don't want to associate guilt with that choice, and it took some effort not to do so. Probably it helped that the break started with me being sick, since that at least could be categorized as taking care of my body. You can hear that I feel the need to rationalize.

First class back was in my bedroom, as schedules required, due to a flight to California in the evening. I did feel rested, and a difficult class did feel quite manageable, since I had more rest than I have had in at least a year. I really couldn't tell you when the last time was that I took 5 days off.

Philip Urso is a Baptiste teacher in Salt Lake City. He's good. I liked the class. He came recommended by a friend, and it was a good recommendation. The aftermath of that class, having taken the break, is a body that is a lot sorer than I usually get from doing yoga. Now it's 10pm and I committed myself to doing yoga today, even though I am tired. I don't want my first day back to be followed immediately by another day off. Especially since I know that I can't do yoga tomorrow... unless I were to get up and do it early, which is even less appealing. I am trying to make sure I get right back into the routine again. This is the kind of spot where one can lose their commitments if one is not careful.

So, rather than sit here and write about yesterday, which is gone, I will find a spot in this hotel room to roll out my mat and be here today.

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