18 October, 2013

New one from Ali K

Today was vinyasa with Ali Kamenova on YouTube.

A new one from Ali K. Good class. I seriously cannot believe she keeps posting these for free online. One could say she's disruptive to the market of any sort of pay-per-class or subscription model of online yoga. She's a good instructor, with lots of variety, and excellent tempo to her sequences. The only complaint I could possibly make is that she uses the same soundtrack on most videos, and I would personally rather have no music at all. But the music isn't bad, or loud.

I felt pretty strong today, in my bedroom. A good recovery from yesterday's emotional meltdown (exaggerating). I knew I didn't want another day in the heat, at least until I adjust to it again. My concentration is getting a little better. I had talked, last week, about how it is difficult to stay focused at home, and that distractions come frequently, especially the phone. Getting better. Whatever's going on inside me must be quieting down, enabling me to get back to where I want to be. In the moment.

Who knows why it ebbs and flows... could be all sorts of reasons.

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