22 October, 2013


Today was vinyasa with Carley Ewert.

Mellifluousity is not a word. But it should be, because it's the word that comes to mind when thinking about Carley's classes. Not only does she summon harmony in a chorus of "Oms" more effortlessly than any other teacher, but she also has the capacity to make a very challenging class seem grounded, peaceful, even dreamy. You forget how hard you're working, because her words, few that they are, keep the mind in the moment.

I haven't taken her class nearly as often as I should, of late. Partly because of it being a 90 minute class, but also just because schedule has made it less likely for me to be there on the right day at the right time. One way or another, I will find my way in there more often, braving the crowd, the heat, the long class. Because it's quite transformative once you get in there.

Okay, that's all.

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