31 October, 2013

How hard could an hour be?

Today was late-night vinyasa with Alice.

Decided to wait for the 8:30pm class so I could get some other things done earlier. And it's only an hour. Should be a relief after yesterday's bomb. It felt really good to be in a hot room, coming in from the cold. In the early portion of the class it felt like it might be a gentle one, and the perspiration had a relatively delayed onset.

But I was wrong, because she turned up the intensity after a few minutes and worked us incredibly hard for nearly the entire time.

Maybe it's me?

Maybe these classes have been normal intensity but I am fatigued. I am never sure. Carley didn't think her class was hard yesterday. So who knows.

My right heel hurts. I've mentioned it before. Warrior poses are a problem now. Not sure how to modify to avoid pain. Since it feels like bone and soft tissue, not muscle, I am concerned that I am doing harm.

Ibuprofen to the rescue...

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