25 October, 2013

Hard to get moving

Today was Vinyasa with Kinndli McCollum at the hotel.

I decided to give myself the "sort-of-day-of-rest" by not doing yoga last night, and leaving it to the morning instead. But that's a deal with the devil, since my body doesn't really like to get up and go at 7:30am. So it was Kinndli's podcast again at The Domain Hotel in Sunnyvale. Same class I have done two previous times. There are pros and cons to knowing exactly what's coming next. The positive is that I didn't need to think about what was coming next. The negative is that you know exactly what's coming next, such as a really long hold in Warrior II near the end of the class, with Kinndli playfully mocking the class, saying "I know I'm holding you in this pose for a long time - I am well aware of it. So what happens when you're stuck in a position you don't want to be in? How do you react? Because what you do here is what you do everywhere in your life..." (paraphrasing). And of course, she's right.

I am proud of myself for doing the yoga on the road, at odd hours of the morning, of the night, or instead of other more fun activities, because of keeping this commitment to myself. It's neither trivial, nor obsessive. Commitments to self are never easy. But there is always a great reward in doing the hard thing.

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