23 September, 2013

Vintage Baron is a lot like Bikram

Today was online yoga (Vinyasa? Bikram? Who knows) with Baron Baptiste.

Searched the YouTubes some more today, and stumbled across this:


It's a "Level 2 Baron Baptiste Hot Yoga" class. It appears to be very old. It also appears to be illegally copied and posted to the YouTube. Part of the reason it seems old is that it's very low-budget production, and Baron is very thin and young-sounding. But the bigger reason why I am certain it is quite old is that it is absolutely nothing like the "Baptiste Power Yoga" that we know today. The class was equal parts of Ashtanga Primary Series + Bikram sequence. It had a shockingly large amount of Bikram content in it, even including the hand-clap that I have only experienced at Bikram studios to delineate the end of a pose.

It was actually rather disconcerting, because I had decided that what I wanted was a plain old Baptiste flow. I could just sign up for "HitPlayYoga" and I would find that, for sure. But I thought I found it on YouTube, and then it was this oh-no-it's-bikram experience!

Still distracted today. And it's still just because I choose to allow myself to be.

That's all.

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