09 September, 2013

Solitude and bees

Today was vinyasa with Elizabeth Thomas.

I came to class in a great mood today. Happy for the weekend. Happy to be in class. Elizabeth started by asking us to name something we are afraid of. It was interesting to have that question on a day where my energy was so positive. As usual I wanted to find some way of being both amusing and honest.

I'm afraid of bees and being alone, I said. That got a laugh. While it has been true for much of my life, neither of these are plaguing me at present. I think either in large quantities would be scary. But the edge has come off a bit over the years. I have learned to cherish the things I can do with time alone, a lot of the time. And still not go to a place of reactivity when it does hit me. Bees... Well. I can say I no longer avoid places where there may be bees.

Class was hard. As always. I knew it would be challenging after two days of tough classes. So I did the best I could.

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