16 September, 2013


Today was vinyasa plus restorative with Alice.

Alice is 20 weeks pregnant. The last time I took her class I didn't notice. But it has now reached the point where the mystery is gone. That makes two of my favorite yoga teachers. It is a small way or a big way that we get to observe change in our teachers whom we don't often know outside context of class.

It is a 90 minute class with about a half hour of restorative. And I could not wait for that part of class. I was dragging again today. Still achy and waiting for it to feel better. It will. Soon. Just not sure when.

She didn't hit us with as many long flows as usual but still a lot of crescent lunge and that always drains me.

I have a trip and a study coming at work. That often gets me a little riled up. Need the quiet mind more than usual. And that is when it is hard to motivate. I recognize that my motivation for yoga is pretty stellar and I should cut myself some slack. But it's the conflict inside.

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