04 September, 2013

Let's start off in Chair perhaps...

Today was Vinyasa with Ali Kamenova on the Internet.

Ali is not messing around. She starts off by saying that it will be an intense class, and then launches right into Chair pose. Very intense, indeed, and mostly focused around the very core of the flow sequences. The class goes about 40 minutes of standing, through some intense Warrior series and Lunge series, with lots of add-ons, and then goes to the floor for some deep stretching that is often missing from the 60 and 75 minute Vinyasa classes. She achieves this by pretty much skipping all the standing balance poses. But believe me, you would not want to be trying to do Dancer or Eagle after what she puts you through in the first 40 minutes.

Today was the home practice because it's available to me. I don't know if Ali has any classes that are not on the high end of the difficulty scale. I've done two so far, and both were tough, with this one having me completely pouring sweat after about 20 minutes, in an unheated "studio" (my bedroom).

I wonder is this the next transition in a growing practice? To be able to motivate to do the work at home without the added power of community there to pull me along? It's certainly more convenient to do it anytime, anywhere, with the help of the internet.

All of the (okay, most of the) anxiety that had crested over the weekend in Boston has dissipated, and I am feeling rather chipper.

Happy to be home.

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