15 September, 2013

Feel and breathe... Breathe and be...

Today was vinyasa with Scott.

It was a tough day. My back is aching a bit more and I think it may be the change in the weather. I have resisted taking ibuprofen yet but probably will need to when I head on my trip to London.

Scott had a small class today. The pre-class was punctuated by two fellow yogis coming up to me to ask if I has heard that Elizabeth's Tuesday class is going away. I hadn't heard and was surprised. But I haven't been able to attend it since moving to my new job.

The energy for me was slow and labored. I kept up with Scott's pace but it was hard. I am starting to wonder if my weakness in poses like Crescent Lunge or Airplane is due to inexperience or something caused by my spinal injury. I don't like the thought of the latter. But I do seem to be weaker in those than I was a year ago which makes no sense unless it is from injury.

The cycles between easy and hard are quite short now. A few good days. A few bad ones.

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