11 September, 2013

Crack of dawn

Today was Hatha at home.

I knew that today was not to be a day off, because I was trying to jiggle my schedule around known days off. But I also knew that I didn't want evening to be the yoga time, so it left me with a first: early morning yoga at home. Work up at 6:50am, and barely had my eyes open, never mind free from the morning glazing, and I was on the mat and doing Hatha. Initially, I thought it would be sufficient to squeeze out a 40 minutes of practice, but I ended up doing essentially the full hour, because I got into it and didn't mind practicing after all, once I started. I was surprised to find that some of the balance poses like Dancer's and Balancing Stick were as achievable in this sleepy state as they were. It was a pretty good practice, actually.

There's been an ebb and flow of feeling anxious, feeling great, feeling sleepy, feeling energized, sleeping solidly, having wild dreams. It's just been one of these times. Who knows why. But that's what is happening. And I am sure it will stabilize.

In a little over a week, I will spin around the globe, 8 hours into the future, and find myself practicing yoga with an English accent. We shall see how that goes.

Okay, that's all.

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