10 September, 2013

Back on the mainland

Today was vinyasa with Michel.

This weekend was the first time I have taken consecutive days off in longer than I can recall. Months for sure. Maybe the entire year? I went to the Olympic Peninsula and yoga was just not on the docket. A sort of planned holiday. I almost did a self practice Sunday but that didn't happen and it was fine. The result was that I was very rested for Michel, which was a good thing.

As 90 minute classes go this felt relatively speedy. I was modifying a lot of forward folds and doing chair with my feet apart per recommendation. Michel took notice and asked if I was okay. It is nice to be noticed. Her message felt resonant and I was still riding the wave of peace and love that's been flowing for a while now.

I have seen another cycle of the practice getting harder and then easier again. These cycles will repeat. On and off the mat. The mat is a great reminder that cycles exist. It helps prevent spirals or nosedives.

The practice...

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