16 August, 2013

The energizer yogi

Today was power vinyasa with Scott Francis.

It's true. I just keep going and going. Today I was careful in the forward folds because I just went to a physical therapist who told me that I should never be bending forward or backward. The guy knew absolutely nothing about yoga and I don't want to go back to him. But I still have that thought in my head now of "how careful is careful enough?"

It's weird how information can affect perception even though my physical reality is no different than it was a month ago. I half wonder if I should be changing anything at all. Is MRI a representation of infallible truth? I know that it shows what it shows. But am I in grave danger? Nobody will tell me shit. Then doctors won't give me any expectations or prognosis. Not even an honest evaluation. Apparently opinions are not allowed anymore. Just mumbling and equivocation. And they get paid the big bucks for it.

The class itself was not that difficult for me as Scott classes go. I guess I took it a little easy but I did not skip anything. It was a mindset.

Ok. That's all.

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