13 August, 2013

Keep on truckin'

Today was some kind of vinyasa practice at the Hotel Triton.

I was at a workshop in downtown San Francisco today. My back hurt. I will not lie. It was not bad, but it was irritating. And I decided that I would do yoga when I got done with the day, because there's a part of my mind that doesn't want to believe that doing nothing is better than doing something. And I still remain convinced that I may be right. Can you hear my certainty?

I did a practice of about 55 minutes, that could be described as a cross between an Elizabeth McElveen gentle class and a J. Politi Basics class. I focused on breath, form, and a pace of ease and alignment. Started off with gentle Cat/Cow, plus Spinal Balance and elbow to knee. Then there were 5 Sun As. 5 Sun Bs. The first 3 Sun B were with Warrior I only. Then I progressively added Warrior II and then Side Angle. I did Eagle, Dancer, Tree, Triangle, Pyramid. Then I went to the floor and did Locust, Bridge, Supta-B, some abs with knees bent, Happy Baby, Gomukhasana, and called it good from there. That's approximately what I did. There were some Side Planks in there too before I did the Triangle series. And I did Standing Splits at some point in there too. And there was some Lizard pose, too. No twists, no Half Moon, no Crescent Lunge. There were probably a couple of other things in there too. The goal was "zero pain" and I achieved it. Upward Dog didn't hurt, which I considered to be a victory. Oh yeah, I kind of did Gorilla too, but not really pulling much, because I didn't want to put strain, obviously, on the low back.

In a room temperature environment, in my hotel room, I had a serious sweat going. It was a good "class," I would say.

I am not sure what comes next. Tomorrow, I go to my workshop. Then I get on a plane. Then I go to Seattle.

Life continues. Yoga continues. This is what I do, until I can't.

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