15 August, 2013

I want my MTV!!!

Today was Power Yoga with Kristin McGee on MTV.

Yep, you heard me right. I decided to do yoga at home today, and figured I would take a peek at what YouTube might have to offer in terms of full guided yoga classes. So I searched on "Power Yoga" and found a 52 minute class from an MTV fitness program, taught by a teacher named Kristin McGee. I decided to give it a shot, and it was a decent class. She had good instruction, it was a good flow, pretty familiar, with a decent Level 1 intensity. There were 3 "students" in the class, who represented different levels of practitioner, but I honestly didn't pay much attention to them, since all I was looking for was a voice to guide me through the practice. She threw in a few minutes of what she called "Pilates" at the end of class, but to me it just looked like the standard abdominal series that we often see in Vinyasa classes. I guess I have been doing Pilates all along?

So there's another tool in the toolbox, for practicing at home, on the road, etc. I have given a lot of thought to checking out a website like "HitPlayYoga" but now that I have found this option, I may poke around and see what sort of good stuff I can find on there. You only really need a few good videos to keep you going.

There's definitely something extra about the energy of being in person in a class, no doubt. But this takes a lot of pressure off the A/B choice of "Does my schedule fit any of the studios today?" versus "Ugh... do I need to lead myself through practice at home?" There's a third option.

As you can probably tell from the fact that I have not mentioned "pain" or "back" or any various other whining that I am wont to do on here lately, things feel remarkably good today. They felt pretty good yesterday too. I really don't get it, when it comes to the way a disc injury goes. On the flight down to SF, my back was absolutely killing, which I attributed to the altitude/pressure. On the flight back from SF, I had no pain at all. What could be different? I don't know.

Sometimes there's no good explanation.

I feel good. I will remain careful. I will do yoga.

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