30 August, 2013

Hit the ground running

Today was Power Vinyasa with Colleen at Open Doors, in Canton, MA.

She's a student teacher and this was a community class. My plane landed at 3:30pm and I had the rental car on the road from the airport by 4pm. It was Friday afternoon rush hour, but still managed to make it home and then back out of the house again in time for a 5:45pm class. This is the way it goes. The yoga happens.

I was so tired today, I don't even know how I was able to do it. The flight was at 7:30am which meant that I had to be awake at 5:45am. All these logistics are so interesting, I know. But the result was that I didn't sleep well the entire night, as often happens when I know I need to be awake early. This should become a permanent factor in my planning of long trips, but somehow there is always a tradeoff. Either leave early, or arrive late, or spend a lot. Those are the choices.

The thing that surprised me was that I felt incredibly strong in class today. I had energy that came out of nowhere. Perhaps it was because I took 2 days off in the last 3 days, and I cannot even tell you the last time that happened. I don't know if I have done less that this year. Or it could be that I was cooped up on a plane all day. Or it could be that a room full of strangers in a different studio puts me into "performer" mode. Who knows?

But now I have reverted to being tired again. And dehydrated.

Sometimes I think I am writing nothing interesting and then I go back later and realize it was actually pretty interesting. This is not going to be one of those entries.

The End.

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