20 August, 2013

From Russia with love

Today was power vinyasa with Ali Kamenova on the internet.

I discovered her on my YouTube hunt last week. She has dozens of classes posted and they all seem decent. Tonight I am at a crappy motel that calls itself a hotel but let's be honest. It is a work trip and we went out to dinner so I missed the opportunity for class at Yoga Belly. I felt full and indigestive but there was a commitment to practice today and that meant solo practice in the crappy hotel.

Ali is a very thin, fit, attractive Russian woman who does voiceover for her own practice. Her routine is slightly unconventional. The Sun A are not the usual and there were really no Sun B. No Warrior I. Lots of Warrior II and high lunge. Her transitions were unusual too. Warrior II directly to side plank, for example. Lots of planks. Knee to nose. Knee to elbow. No standing balance. No back bends. This class was focused on planks and core. I am sure she has other ones that are focused on the poses we didn't do here.

The Russian accent is surely a novelty and nice to hear. Sometimes I need a little extra motivation. 

What can I say? I am only human. 

Oddly, my low back felt amazing after that practice. Not sure what it was. Something good. The yoga cannot be bad. How could it feel good and be bad?

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