01 August, 2013

Door number one

Today was power vinyasa with Tina Templeman.

I had considered today would be the day I would try out Yoga Tree in Fremont. For whatever reason I decided to stick with the known and go to Tina's class. And it was a tough one. I did my best not to come undone. We were packed tightly. It was hot. At one point, going into Crow, I fell forward into start of a headstand and then continued toppling into the wall in front of me. I was briefly suspended in a legit-ish headstand against the wall until I then crumpled down into an awkward pile. I guess the upside is that it was not scary. It was just silly and sloppy.

8 days in a row and still not taking a day off. Back still hurts a bit and still taking tons of ibuprofen. But it's not getting worse.

One foot in front of the other.

Baby steps.

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