06 July, 2013

Working for those magical moments

Today was Power Vinyasa with Bill MacDonald at Open Doors.

At 8:30am it was already over 80 degrees outside. Mercifully, Bill decided not to turn on the heat in the studio at all. It was plenty warm and it made a huge difference compared to yesterday's inferno.

It was a pretty standard Bill class, which I am now coming to know well from many visits home. Open Doors is my home away from home.

Bill talked about how the quest for perfection can often prevent us from experiencing the satisfaction of what we do have. This has been a theme for him the last couple of times I attended. He went on to say that the reason we work so hard in whatever we do is often for these brief and magical payoff moments where everything makes sense and we are completely in sync.

We really are engaged in a practice. We are practicing life on our mats. We are teaching ourselves how to be all those things we'd like to be in our lives. Setting the intention and making it real in the relatively controlled environment of the mat, so we can absorb that knowledge and take it with us to all things.

It's a challenging practice.

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