04 July, 2013

The road less traveled

Today was Power Vinyasa with Ashley Webb at Open Doors in North Attleboro, MA.

Today's holiday brought me 40 minutes south to take class in a studio full of like-minded folks, who came to what was almost the only show in town, most studios having canceled classes.

It was a challenging class with flow after flow. The theme this week across the board seems to be standing splits, followed by knee-to-nose while still in the folded position, then rising all the way to standing from there. I am apparently barely able, or completely unable to do this last maneuver. It requires a shitload of core in places I lack it. And it also seems to happen deep into a class where I am fried. We also did a lot of Eagle today, entering it from Warrior II as well as from Crescent Lunge. In any case, Ashley was a fantastic teacher, very sensitive and conscientious about the humidity we were facing, turning off the heat completely and giving us plenty of air, and well-times rests after particularly intense sequences. We didn't do many standing balance poses other than the eagles. We did no back bends, no triangle, no pyramid. Just a lot of creative vinyasa sequences.

Tonight, I am reflecting on life, having visited with many family and friends during my trip home, shaking all manner of nostalgic trees. I took the road less traveled, it would seem. That's what I am thinking about today. Visited with friends who have kids, growing up. Great kids. Adorable, smart kids with interesting lives. My friends are successful. I look at them on this 4th of July and I think "They did everything right." Of course, the flip side of that thought is that I did not... I chose the other road. And surely, as the saying goes, it has made all the difference. But I can't help but wonder what it would have been like if, back in those woods, I chose the beaten path. When I hear people talk about taking their son to hockey practice at 5am, I am just fine and dandy with the path I am on. But when I look at these kids just for *who* they are: amazing creations of the people who are dear to me, adorable and with so much potential ahead of them, so open to possibility, ready to absorb life like a sponge, I think that I might have liked that... if only I had been willing to make the sacrifices/choices (depending on how you choose to label it).

I don't regret the life I have at all. I am content to travel this path wherever it leads me.

This was the intention I set.

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