02 July, 2013

Standing Splits until you drop

Today was Power Vinyasa with Meghan Carroll at Open Doors.

It was supposedly a "moderate" class. The humidity here is ridiculous, and there was little that was moderate in the class. After it was over, I said to the teacher, whom I'd never had before "This was a moderate class, right?" And her reply was, "Oh, yeah... but I knew everyone in here, and I knew you could all handle it" with a smile on her face.

And so it went. One of the toughest classes I can recall taking. It was likely due to the staggering humidity, over which there was nothing one could do, and the time difference, having flown yesterday, etc. Every flow sequence began with a Downward Dog that transitioned into a Standing Split at the back of the mat. That would transition forward to High Plank with the leg still raised, and then the Knee-To-Nose business commenced from there. We even found ourselves doing a modified version of Cow/Cat from the Standing Split position. I didn't even know it was possible. These sequences went on and on. It was never a particularly fast flow, but for 75 minutes, we were pushed.

As for where I was at today? It felt good to once again start a series of road-show classes. I have mapped out my entire week, which will take me through 3 studios and 5 teachers, only 3 of whom I've had before. Given what happened in today's class with my fatigue, I am curious as to how tomorrow morning will go, with only 12 hours of rest. We shall see.

I am in Boston. I don't feel alone or disconnected or separated as I feared I would start to feel. It was the anticipation that was the worst. I knew that was the case, and knowing it did help me to cut off that sensation before it took complete hold of me. I guess the next step would be to perhaps allow myself to sit in that sensation and understand its true essence rather than to simply label it as non-essential and dismiss it. I am not really sure which way is the "correct" way of handling those things when they bubble up. I guess meditating in earnest would be a good way to start exploring it.

There's a list of things I would like to be doing more of, or doing at all. There are a list of things I would like to have in my life. These are short lists, but lists nonetheless. None of it is extravagant.

Elizabeth always talks about how, in yoga, something moves down so that something else can move up. And I think it's possible this is true in terms of the things I give my attention and priority to in life. In order to give more to some of these things I am missing, I may need to give less to other things.

What can I do without?

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