21 July, 2013

Something different for Sunday

Today was Gentle Yoga with Yoshi Kohno at Be Luminous.

Same time, different program. Elizabeth had a substitute today, and Gentle Yoga was most definitely what my body is demanding (if not "no yoga"), so it was a great opportunity to take a class with Yoshi for the first time. He finished the teacher training earlier this year, and I had the opportunity to meet him last fall in a book group we were in together.

A theme in today's class was to "breathe in compassion and breathe out love." When he first said it, I thought it was maybe a little hokey, but as the class went on, and the mantra repeated, I recognized the value and power in these suggestive intentions. We need to remind ourselves of what we want to bring to our lives. And the breath is powerful, and placing such valuable cargo on such a vehicle is an effective way of getting where you want to go.

My low back is starting to be on the mend, partly because of several large doses of ibuprofen (dang it, I forgot to take more this evening), but more likely because the number of days since I last snorkeled is slowly increasing. I know it's not an Injury (with a capital I). It's just a susceptibility I have to inflammation there. One can imagine that the spaces between the vertebrae are not particularly large, and it doesn't take much swelling at all to lead to serious pain, and for good reason.

The most important thing to me is to find a way to take good enough care of myself that I don't need to skip yoga more than the routine day off. It's almost like a challenge to see if I can stay healthy and work through these things that come up from time to time.

It's a period of transition right now. All sorts of things have shifted. There are things that are absent from my life. There are things that are now present in my life. It's different than it was 3 weeks ago. It's again different than it was 3 months ago. It's also different than it was 1 week ago, when I was in Hawaii. It's been constant change, but now I think I want to stop shaking the snow globe for a little bit and see what this new life looks like.

Of course, it's an illusion that things won't change again. But, for the time being, I will leave the shaking to the universe.

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