18 July, 2013

Solo Hatha

Today was home practice Hatha.

The schedule for the morning did not align well with the various yoga studio calendars. I had some things I wanted to get done today and the most sensible path was to do a self-guided practice. It's been quite a long time since I last did one. Probably Thailand? And that was abbreviated. This time I did a solid hour of Hatha, following the UYS sequence. My low back hurt really badly this morning. I guess it's from all the snorkeling. Kicking in fins uses that part of the body in ways we don't otherwise. Forward folding was so uncomfortable that I compromised with deeply bent knees to accommodate. Even the low lunges hurt.

I found that my focus was very good for the first 30-40 minutes. I did a solid and serious practice. When transitioning to the floor, I encountered what one might describe as the downside of home practice. A distraction. I peeked at my phone and saw a message that had some minor news that got me thinking. It related to a decision I had made that wasn't optimal and I ended up battling to avoid rethinking it for the remaining 20 minutes. In a studio we at least are only subject to the internal distractions. It is important when practicing at home to pretend you are in a yoga studio. The mat is a zone where outside distractions should not be invited in.

All in all, though, I am glad I did it.

At some point soon I will check out HitPlay. Especially since Michel will have a podcast on there.

Ok. That's all.

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